Monday, 25 November 2013

More Jar Lights

I've got some more lights to show you from my jars. This lot are up in the new Conservatory. I'm hoping there's going to be a bit of a seaside theme going on in there at some point, so I found a piece of driftwood on a nearby beach to help with this light.

Last week the piece of driftwood went up with the initial wiring done...

And now this week, the jars are in!

Just like the lights last week, these jars cast some lovely shadows too.

And the weight of the jars has meant those wires now hang straight. The driftwood is a little lost right up high on the ceiling...

Or maybe it's just that the jars look so lovely you don't bother looking any higher!

It looks just as lovely at night time too, almost like candles dangling down.

That's almost the end of the jars, just 2 smaller ones to finish, which are half converted into bedside lights already. Remember there's lots of information on the lighting we've put in on my Pinterest Board.

I'm hoping I'm going to get lots and lots of sewing done in the next couple of days - I need to get my Tree Quilt finished before the end of the week. And I've got a few smaller bits and pieces to sew by the weekend too. It feels like ages and ages since there's been a quilt finished round here, far too long. But there's nothing like a deadline for helping get something done!

I'll be back again tomorrow, in a quick sewing break! Sally

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