Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sock Dog

Hurray again, I've now made my first Christmas present! I've been feeling a little daunted by the amount of making I'm hoping to get done before Christmas and I needed a quick make to actually get something ticked off my list and make me feel better. And here it is, ticked off and it has made me feel better:

I started with a basket for this, and it said 'dog' to me. After a bit of internet browsing I found this tutorial at Little Black Teapot for a sock dog.

I love sock monkeys and other sock creatures, so this seemed perfect. He was fairly quick and easy to make. I put a fluffy, fat pipe cleaner in his tail to make it 'poseable', sometimes he does like to impersonate a pig.

And I thought he really needed a bone and a dog cushion to finish him off too.

So how's everyone else doing with any Christmas making? Have you started yet? Or are you super organised and well on the way already?

See you again tomorrow, Sally.


  1. The main quilt is under one and I have realised I have over stretched my abilities with attempting to make dresses for 4 small girls. May do a sock monkey now!

  2. I've got every confidence in your sewing abilities and I think the 4 small girls would all look gorgeous in your 4 small dresses, so I'm hoping you're meaning you'll do a sock monkey as well as the dresses not instead! The book arrived by the way - haven't had a proper look but I think there could be some potential present ideas in there.


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