Thursday, 14 November 2013

Plastic Canvas Bunting and a Penny Rug

So we started our plastic canvas circles here, with a plan to turn them into some bunting for our living room. It has taken quite a while but they are finally finished and in place.

Venetia and I both made four each, and Theo made one. Maria is still making hers!

Now I've managed to get photos uploading again I've gone for overkill on them!

I added pompoms between each circle. My pompom making skills are very poor, so I used a pompom maker (here), even with this, my early attempts were completely pathetic. With a bit of practice and some help from Theo, this was the evolution of my pompoms!

They got to a point where they were just about good enough to be used and I simply threaded a long, double length of wool through the pompoms and through the backs of the circles, alternating between the two.

It turned out just as I imagined right at the start of our making and I really like how well it goes with my rug. Did you spot it on the floor in the photo above?

Photo: Hi Michele, since you now have your very own page, here's a photo for you, not a very good one, you'll have to come round and see it in the flesh. And have a look at this blog -, go to the "quilts" bit along the top, lots of beautiful pictures of quilts to look at XXX

I made this quite a while ago, before I started blogging. It was all hand stitched, which is unusual for me. I started it one Christmas and finished it soon after the following Christmas, it was something that was done very gradually, as and when I was in the mood for some hand sewing. It's made entirely of recycled wools which I found in Charity Shops. Lots of jumpers, jackets and skirts all chopped up. (I could really do with taking a photo of it outside in daylight so you might get a better picture of some of the lovely fabrics, but, with our short daylight hours now, I'm afraid I don't have any big enough helpers around while it is light, maybe at the weekend.)

The background and the base of the rug are from a wool blanket, which I dyed, and it has another layer of blanket in the middle to give it a good weight. I 'quilted' it by hand, in a thick wool, with crosses between the 'pennies'.

And after finishing the rug, I made a few cushions from the same fabrics.

The bunting is just what I needed to add an extra wool dimension to the room, and although it's only just gone up, it feels like it's always been there. I think that's an indication of how well it fits in.

I'll be back tomorrow with a photo, Sally.


  1. So so cute!! I love how it looks alongside your penny rug. Those pom poms are an adorable touch. Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm so excited that you're enjoying it in your room.

    1. Definitely loving it in the room, and so glad I found it on your blog in the first place. And thank you very much for your comment on your blog, that's very kind of you.

  2. This is wonderful! All of it. Cozy, and warm and inviting. I want to come visit and sit by the fire and chat!

  3. Thank you! And that sounds great, we could chat and drink hot chocolate and make things, it would be perfect!


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