Saturday, 1 March 2014

Little Mouse Brooch

I cut up a grey herringbone, wool jacket the other evening, ready to throw it in a hot wash and felt it up. I didn't think to take a photo of it before I chopped it, but here it is after it came out of the wash.

Jackets aren't my favourite source of wool. They're a bit fiddly and time consuming to cut up, and when they are dismantled you're not left with particularly large pieces. But this jacket was such a bargain I couldn't resist it. It has a beautiful soft feel to it now, and I also love the beautiful soft grey colour and the pattern.

Sometimes, when I hold a piece of fabric, it almost sort of 'speaks' to me and I know exactly what I want to make with it. This fabric 'squeaked' at me that it wanted to be turned into a mouse! So I took a small amount of it and set about turning it into a cute, little mouse brooch.

Here it is being modelled by Venetia, who seems to like it:

But she has a different brooch on order, so I don't think this one is destined for her.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll be back on Monday,



  1. Would look super cute on a woollen bag

  2. Oh that is adorable! So lovely.
    That colour is lovely too - it'd make a lovely bunny for Easter!

  3. Oh, goodness...could that little mouse be any cuter?!??! The model is darling as well. :)


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