Monday, 31 March 2014

Mouse in a Tea Cup

After making my flower in a vase brooches a couple of weeks ago, I had the urge to create more brooches along the same lines - ie brooches that would 'hold' something.

And first up had to be mice...

Little wool finger puppet mice, very similar to the one in my pumpkin back in the Autumn.
 In tea cups!

They just fit in perfectly!

I made this one first, and didn't quite appreciate the order I needed to sew the cup and saucer pieces together, so it has no saucer! But I quite like it saucerless.

Inevitably I had to make one with a patchwork cup too!

I have 2 girls very keen to model them for me! But unfortunately I haven't sewn on the brooch backs yet, and you might have noticed a couple of the mice haven't quite got all their detail yet. Too many ideas and not enough time to sew them all! All the more so when one idea just seems to lead to another...

Back tomorrow,



  1. Oh, darling!!! I bet your little girls love them, as I know mine would. Nice job!

  2. That is just the definition of cute... Do you have a store? Do you sell your brooches? I may have missed that part somewhere, but if you do, I would SO want one of those for my daughter.

  3. The are fantastic. So cute

  4. I've been catching up with your posts, first thing in the morning. These little brooches are the perfect way to start my day. They made me smile. I little mice.


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