Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A mad buy!

It's not been a good day today. Nothing terrible, nobody ill, the house hasn't burned down, I haven't crashed the car - just a nothing going right kind of day. A feeling useless and uninspired kind of day. Which wasn't the best timing because I did think I might do a post today largely about 'inspiration'. Clearly I am not in the best frame of mind to make a good job of that, so it's been postponed!

I'm not sure what has been the problem today - the incessant rain and Theo's quilt are obvious sore points. The incessant rain is fairly self explanatory. And as for Theo's quilt, I got it out this morning and the quilting I did last week looked rubbish! Completely and utterly rubbish. It had to be unpicked! Unfortunately, after I'd spent ages unpicking, I didn't do much better trying to re-quilt it today. Most likely I'll get it out tomorrow and decide it needs unpicking again!

You see what I mean? I'm in a 'can't do', defeatist and defeated kind of mood! There have been lots of other, niggly little things along the way too. And then, of course, I didn't have anything planned for tea and so, clearly in the mood I'm in, I couldn't think of anything to make. And even the contents of the fridge were uninspiring! Do you have days like that?

My post on 'Inspiration' was going to be tied up with a new mini quilt, based very much around one of my favourite quotes. But if I had to have a quote for today it might very well come from the Carpenters song - 'Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down'! Possibly the opening line - 'Talking to myself and feeling old'! I wonder what a mini quilt for that quote might look like?!

Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to read any more of my depressing bleating (although I could 'happily' bleat quite a bit more!). So I'll get to the only point of this post.

In my bleak state of mind I ended up taking a quick trip to the tip/dump/recycling centre - I've had a load of things that needed to be taken for a while (I've been putting it off), and today I accidentally broke a very large piece of glass in a very large picture frame (another of the niggly things that went wrong), so I decided I'd really better go there and get rid of all the dangerous sharp bits of glass too (after I'd cut myself on one, of course!).

As well as recycling waste they also have bits and pieces for sale. And today, in my nothing going right mood, I found my strangest, recycled buy ever. A mini clock tower.

When I say mini - it's not actually that mini. It's probably 3 feet high. Goodness knows what I'm going to do with it, BUT it was sitting out in the rain looking just as pathetic and sorry for itself as I felt, with water streaming down it. It seems to be made of marine ply so it's sort of designed for outside I would think, but, as you can see, it's not finished, and it would definitely have deteriorated fast if left out in the rain for long. I couldn't leave it there! Especially as they only wanted £4 for it!

It's got a clock on 2 faces. Here's the other one:

One of them is missing it's round piece of glass. And then the other 2 faces of the tower are blank. I really, really, really don't have a clue what I'm going to do with it. Harry will think I'm completely bonkers! I would ask for suggestions, but probably the only suggestions anyone would come up with would be along the lines of - 'Take it back to the tip, you idiot!' - so I won't ask!

So, I'm afraid that's it for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!



  1. I think that isa. Brilliant buy for a day when your feeling a bit blurgh about life! It's awesome, totally brilliantly random and cool.
    I'm sorry to read your feeling uninspired, a feeling I can sympathise with. I usually employ a chocolate and cake solution.
    Hopefully your rain will ease up and Theo's quilt will come right, it'll look amazing in the end!

    1. Thank you. And funnily enough, there was chocolate cake in the house yesterday morning - by night time there was none left! Still raining today but some progress made with the quilt this morning and not so many niggly things going wrong, so a much better day. I think I wasn't so much feeling uninspired yesterday, more useless and incapable! Quilts can be difficult things sometimes, you spend so long on them that you really want to finish them well enough to do justice to your time and effort investment, but they are so tricky to finish well!


  2. Some days are just like that. It happens to everyone sometimes. As I read what you wrote it reminded me of that old song “Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This.” Hope this brings a smile to your face. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8SD9baVPKw

    1. That song is perfect for yesterday, and thank you very much for the link, it did make me smile! Some of those animal photos were amazing! My little ones loved them too - thank you!

  3. It's fab. End if the drive so we know where you live or hidden in a tree somewhere?

    1. End of the drive is such an amazing idea! So many people miss our turn, and I feel like I'm forever directing people in (particularly at the moment with nurses, physios etc), it would be brilliant to just say 'Turn right at the clock tower!' Do you reckon I'd need planning permission or anything silly like that though?!


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