Tuesday, 15 April 2014

More Ipad/Tablet Covers

So here are my other Ipad/Tablet cases finished. A patchwork one...

A stripey chameleon...

Inspired by this print on Pinterest.
And possibly my favourite, a peacock...

All fastening with tabs and buttons...

I've been busy making these for an exciting reason. I've arranged to run some workshops at a lovely local shop, Furniture Magpie. For those of you reading this in beautiful North Devon, 'Furniture Magpie' is in Barnstaple, and is full of gorgeous furniture and crafty items. There are lots of sewing workshops available to try there as well as furniture painting ones (have a look here for a full list), but Samantha, who owns the shop, was looking for someone to run some patchwork workshops too. I'm going to do a 4 week Patchwork course, with one session a week in June, where everyone will create their own, very individual quilt. But we also wanted to come up with something that could be done in one evening session. Which isn't necessarily that easy when it comes to patchwork. Samantha and I were both keen to have something using recycled fabric too. One of my friends recently made a lovely Ipad case in wools with some applique, and it occurred to me that this could be the perfect Workshop make. So that's the plan now for a couple of evening workshops in May. And of course I had to try making a few prototypes!

So if you are local and fancy making one at a workshop, give a shout! Or maybe you'd like to have a go at the 4 week workshop and make your own quilt? And if you're in Barnstaple for whatever reason, then Furniture Magpie is a lovely place to go and have a browse.

Have any of you ever gone along to a workshop somewhere to try out a new skill before? Was it a good experience? What kind of things did you make? Or perhaps you might have taught a workshop before and have some wonderful, helpful words of advice for me?

Any insights into the world of workshops, from whatever perspective, will be very gratefully received!



  1. That is awesome, congratulations! Wish I lived closed, I would be there :)

  2. These are getting better and better. I can't decide between the first one....the fish....the bird....I'd have to have them all and I don't have an IPad/tablet either.

  3. Wahooooooo this made me so happy! Put a link on Facebook and I will spread the word x

  4. The Tablet Cover is just what the outdoor adventurer dreams off. Made from a shatter-proof polycarbonate frame, clad in rugged and shock absorbing silicone, your tablet will be as safe as houses.


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