Monday, 14 April 2014

Wool Ipad/Tablet Cases

Just a quick post tonight. I've finally finished converting my wool moths into....... an Ipad/tablet case.

And that one has been joined by another.

This one was inspired by the lovely cushion here, which I spotted on Pinterest recently.
Here they both are from the back, with a little tab over and a button to fasten...

And one more finished at the moment, a patchwork rainbow front...

With a cloud and sunshine back...

It's just a shame I don't have an Ipad or a tablet to put in any of them! I've got a few more very nearly finished which I'll hopefully show you tomorrow and I'll explain why I'm suddenly making lots of Ipad cases for my non existent Ipad!

See you then,



  1. They are gorgeous. If I had an iPad or tablet I would want one :)

  2. Lovely cases! I was curious to find out what you would use your moths for...very creative!

  3. These are wonderful. I think my fave is the rain/sunshine.

  4. I am thinking that my tablet needs a new 'dress'!


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