Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spring Flower Wreath

Venetia and I spotted this lovely Spring wreath on Pinterest at the weekend:

Find it here on Made by Nicole
Slightly worrying that my 7 year old already loves Pinterest! But nevermind, we decided we'd have a go at making our own version. Another idea I've seen on Pinterest is swimming pool woggles used as a base for Wreaths. Our local pool was throwing out lots of battered woggle bits and pieces recently, so I grabbed a few just in case of future need - and here was the need! I cut a woggle piece in half...

And then taped the two pieces together into a circle-ish shape.

Then wrapped some strips of burlap around it...

I sewed a few stitches to secure it to the woggle each time I got to the end of a strip, but I'm sure you could just use pins or a glue gun to avoid the sewing if you wanted. I added a simple bow and some twine at the top for hanging and then we started attaching flowers.

I quite liked it with just this one flower, but it wasn't enough for Venetia, or Maria who'd joined us in the making by this point.
We had a few, simple flowers already (from a long ago creation) and we made some more, along the same lines as the ones in the wreath above - just a variety of circles, pinched together to give them a bit of shape, with buttons in the centre. The lovely 'Made by Nicole' one, above, has flowers largely made from paper towels, and they're glue gunned together. We used fabric, the girls cut out circles and I sewed them together - just with a few stitches per flower, and then a few stitches on to the wreath itself.

You can probably see we used a few crocheted doilies as well - obviously found in Charity Shops! Some of them are coloured - these were again left over from a long ago creation. I'm not even sure what we were trying to make, but I remember it involved going outside on a sunny day with scraps of fabric, lace and doilies and painting them with very watered down acrylics - it was lots of fun!

So now we have our own Spring wreath. Venetia thinks a butterfly one would look lovely too, that could be a project for another rainy day - especially as I have several more woggle pieces!


PS If you need a bit more Spring wreath inspiration, have a look at this round up of ideas at The Thinking Closet.


  1. It is lovely and such a fun project to do together. And I agree, one done with butterflies would be beautiful!

  2. So pretty! That is such a project for me and Little Miss! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love how this turned out. Probably because i can see Muses at work in every flower! Lovely way to celebrate May!!!

  4. What a great idea. I think circle-ish is the perfect shape for the wreath.

  5. So pretty...what a fun, creative project to do with the girls!


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