Monday, 7 April 2014

Quilt Show, Part 2

OK, lots more photos to get through! And possibly a slightly more random selection than yesterday, starting with a brick wall!

Not sure that I'd want a brick wall on my bed, but a very simple yet effective quilt nonetheless!

Moving on to just a detail from another piece of work...

A beautiful butterfly
 A collection of 4 mini quilts, all showing the same scene over the four different seasons.

Sorry, bit blurry here!

And another mini quilt...

Here's a selection of quilts by Jane Hopkins, who has a love of flower fairies and birds, and has turned that into some amazing quilts. First up Fairies for each season.


I was very interested in all the flower fairy quilts because that's another possibility for a quilt for Maria, I picked up quite a few flower fairies fabrics very cheaply a while back and I'm sure they'd turn into a lovely quilt.

And then in a more traditional quilt...

All the fairies were hand embroidered, here are a couple close up...

And lastly one of her quilts with birds...

Here's another whole cloth quilt with some beautiful quilting.

A series of seaside mini quilts that I loved...

And then a collection of work by Kathleen Matthews, who specialises in fabric landscapes. Unfortunately these really didn't photograph well since they were framed and under glass, but they were so amazing I'm still putting them in here to try and give you just a bit of an idea of what they were like... 

Hopefully you can see these 'Lavender Fields' have been created largely with lace.
These pictures were all from her book, which you can find here on Amazon, and since you can 'search inside the book' you'll probably find better images there!

Then another couple of unusual, seaside related mini quilts, which again I loved... 

Here's the description for this one.

And a bit closer...

Not one of the ways I'd thought to use my sea glass, but I love the idea, and think I'll definitely have to try and make a mini quilt with sea glass stitched into it now. Here's one more by the same quilter...

And just a few more larger quilts which caught my eye...


This one made me think of butterflies, although the description didn't mention that this was the intention.

And last of all, one with butterflies proper.

Phew, that's it! So much inspiration in an outing. Any of them stand out as your favourites?

Back again tomorrow.



  1. I am just amazed at the talent all these people have, just amazing! I love the seaside mini quilts.

  2. Shallow Pools and the very first one, the brick wall, just took my breathe away. So much amazing talent! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow. Speechless...
    I don't think we have any of such textile artists in Poland... thanks for showing this all (Joan Dawson got me)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your photos of these beautiful quilts! I am in awe of such artwork! I'm having a hard time picking a favorite...Jane Hopkins fairies are amazing, and the quilting on the simple white cloth is gorgeous, and Joan Dawson's pebble quilt is breath-taking!

  5. I took my time and enjoyed looking at all the details. Jane Hopkins' fairies are adorable and I love the feeling evoked in the mini seaside quilts. Shallow Pool looks stunning. Such a wonderful variety of quilts and just so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing them.


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