Monday, 28 April 2014

One more wool Ipad case...

I had a spare 'blackbird' left over from my Morning has Broken Mini Quilt - I used bondaweb to attach it before sewing it down, and it seems no matter how many times I use the stuff I still frequently forget how easy it is to end up with your image transposed! So I had a poor, unwanted blackbird, facing the wrong way for my quilt and in need of a new home. I was tempted to put him on a cushion, but decided in the end to go for another wool tablet/ipad case. Here he is, feeling loved and wanted again.

I went for a less dense look with the stitching on my branch on this one, and I think I prefer it.

The wools are so different to the batiks I used in the mini quilt and yet I feel both pieces have a really similar feel. It's amazing how versatile wool is.

Back again tomorrow,



  1. Beautiful, Sally! Looks like this blackbird has found a new song!

  2. This is my favourite case. The blackbird does play very well with the wool.

  3. I love this one!!! The cool (almost eerie) colors of the background work so nicely with the blackbird. Nice job!

  4. well he looks very much at home so I'd say it was meant to be!

  5. oo that is a nice cozy case for your iPad! Beautiful piece of art!


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