Monday, 13 January 2014

A Gee's Bend Inspired Antidote

I am perservering with Theo's Insect Quilt (11 squares done, 52 remaining, 10 days to go, slightly concerning!), but I'm really not enjoying it hugely. So I've given myself an antidote quilt to do as a distraction and avoidance reward for when I've completed lots of squares each day.

As an antidote should be, it's the complete opposite - quick, easy, relaxing and not requiring any particular concentration or precision. It's a quilt I've had in mind to make for someone for a long time and it's very much inspired by some of the Gee's Bend Quilts.

Here it is so far...

It's just going to be the 2 colours throughout and I think there'll be 12 squares altogether. I'm doing a really long 'strip' of the stripes and then cutting it into 'squares', so it's very quick and easy.

I've read quite a few articles about the Gee's Bend Quilters and I love the history behind them and the personal stories. And I especially love the quilts - the colours and the free and individual style of them. If you're not familiar with them then I've gathered some together on one of my Pinterest boards - Here are a few of my favourites:

University of Mississippi Museum

Quilt by Minnie Sue Coleman, Gee's Bend, Alabama, posted by Maria Horvath (A Poem a Day)

Gees Bend Quilters Collective

Gee's Bend

And these last 2, very much the inspiration for my latest making...

Google Image Result for

Google Image Result for

Although I'm happily resigned to my quilt not being as free and natural and beautiful as the genuine articles.

I only have 2 problems with my version - one is making sure I do a good chunk of sewing on Theo's quilt before moving on to it. And the second problem is that I'm not sure which way to go with binding it. Should I go for an obvious and conservative plain yellow? Or something a little more unexpected and daring? Possibly a complete contrast - purple or torquoise perhaps? Or the choice I think I'm leaning towards at the moment is this black and white spotty fabric.

What do you think - will it work? Or do you have an opinion on the other options?


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