Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The latest Mini Quilt

I think this week could be a week of Works in Progress never mind just a Wednesday WIP. I seem to have so many things started at the moment.

It's been quite a while since I made a mini quilt and I decided over the holidays that it was about time I started one. The last 2 have been mainly applique (bee one here and peacock here), so I thought I'd make one that was just 'pieced' instead. And it's been very grey and damp around here most of the time recently, I've been missing a bit of brightness and colour, so as well as being pieced I thought I'd make something cheerful and Springlike.

So here's what I started...

I'm hand sewing it, paper piecing the hexagons. I've got 4 more green hexies to cut out and tack, as well as finishing all the sewing together. I think I'd really struggle with patience if I were doing anything big along these lines, but this size is OK. And I find it's always good to have some hand sewing on the go - to sit on the sofa with while 'listening' to something on television or take along to ballet lessons, badminton club...

I haven't decided what quote I could put on this one yet (remember my plan is to put a quote of some sort on each of my mini quilts?). Something to do with flowers or Spring I expect - anybody got any suggestions? And the speed at which I hand sew, and especially hand embroider words for a quote, it probably won't be finished until Spring!

That's it for today, there might very well be another WIP tomorrow. See you then, Sally.


  1. That is gorgeous, love those colours :)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog too - they made my day (week/month)
    You are inspiring me to start cutting my quilt for a friend, one that will be winging it way back to Crediton (near there anyway) once it's done!

  2. Thank you! And I'm really enjoying getting to see glimpses of your life too. So glad you're going to start on a quilt, looking forward to seeing it on your blog. And Crediton! That's not too far down the road at all, it's a small world!


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