Saturday, 4 January 2014

Maths Quilt

Do you remember I started a quilt for Sam back in October (here)?

It was supposed to be a birthday quilt. Well, it turned into a Christmas quilt! And only just finished in time for that, as well.

It has lots of fabric in it that is very particular to Sam - lots of maths related fabric, some 'I am Sam' fabric (Dr Seuss range), and some cucumber fabric (Sam loves cucumbers, he munches through them whole, sometimes several a day!). I also found an old shirt of his to include. 

The maths symbols down the centre are all appliqued.

I love this calculator fabric (from Spoonflower)

And the yellow fabric for the 'plus' sign here is another of my favourites, it has the number 'Pi' printed all over it repeatedly (Spoonflower again). 
 All the squares were made in a quilt as you go kind of way, and the strippy squares are done in the same way I made Maria's picnic blanket - way back at the beginning of the Summer, see more details on those here.

Once I had all my squares finished, I pieced them together, added a backing (a mix of a few of the prints from the front - sorry, forgot to photograph that, but it's not very exciting!) and just quilted in the ditch along all my square 'seams' - since most of my quilting was already done on the individual squares. The 'I am Sam' fabric was perfect for the binding.

Most importantly, Sam seems to like it.

Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday, Sally.

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