Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Fabric

It was back to school for everyone today. Back to routine. Yesterday, our last day of freedom, we nipped off to our local fabric shop - Step by Step in South Molton. It was their first day open after the Christmas period, and (happily!) the first day of their sale (20% off all fabric, hurray!) and Venetia had a voucher she'd got for Christmas to spend in there. It has been burning a terrible hole in her pocket for 2 weeks already, and really wouldn't wait a moment longer. So, off we went.
Venetia chose some fabric to go with 2 prints she already had in her mini stash - the butterfly and the flower print at the bottom of this pile.

She's decided she wants to make a bigger quilt now. One that's big enough for her to snuggle under on the sofa. I'm sure her choices will look lovely together, but I was itching to split them into 2 quilts rather than the one, a bit more like this maybe:

With a more demure quilt from these...

Although, even the flower print she already had might sit more happily in the demure camp...

Venetia, however, very much knows her own mind and will not be swayed. I was left strict instructions to start cutting them all into strips today while she was at school. I made a start, and I'll show you more of how it's looking and what design she's decided to do once she's got a bit sewn.

But, as I'm sure you will appreciate, it would have been rude of me to visit a fabric shop (with 20% off remember!) and not to make a couple of small purchases myself at least!
These 2 cloudy fabrics caught my eye and had to be bought. Really not sure what I'll do with them - perhaps a mini quilt of some kind??? But aren't they cute?

And there was something about this strawberry fabric that I couldn't resist too. Again, I have no definite plans for it yet - for some reason it's saying 'Little girl's dress or skirt' to me. But I'm trying to ignore that, since I don't particularly enjoy making clothes, and they grow out of them far too fast. Unfortunately, I have to admit, a simple little dress or skirt in it would be lovely...

And then lastly these 3 pieces:

I've got another couple of photos in mind that I'd like to recreate in fabric, and I thought these might work well with them.

On the way back, we walked straight past a Charity Shop, so naturally had a quick stop there too. And I bought these 2 pillow cases extremely cheaply, which I think might work just as well as the fabrics above in my possible pictures.

It just goes to show I shouldn't give in to the temptations of the new, but nevermind. It won't happen again for a while.

Right, that's it for today. First day back at school, with swimming lessons and then badminton club after school, and I'm tired out. I need sleep.

See you tomorrow, Sally.

PS Have you bought any good fabric this New Year yet? In a sale or otherwise? And got any interesting plans for it or just couldn't resist it?


  1. Cool, calm and collected is so addictive this time of year!

    1. What happened to your 'Less is More' resolution then?!


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