Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Farm Play Mat

There's too much starting going on around here, and not enough finishing at the moment. Although that is good for WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. My most recent start is now a Farm Play Mat in wools, as a present for a little boy who loves tractors. 

I've started out with my backing fabric - a piece of a wool blanket:

With a plain, old blanket piece as the 'wadding' next.

And I drew a very rough design on to this.

And now I'm sewing wools directly on to this to create the design and quilt it all in one.

Still a fair bit to go, roads and hedges and gates apart from anything else. It's been tempting to put lots of detail on it - like maybe a lovely field full of sheep. But I want to try and leave it open for imaginative play, perhaps some model sheep will be moved around on it for instance. And the main imaginative play is likely to be a tractor driving over it!

That's about it for today,



  1. Wow, I can just imagine how much fun will be had once this is done. Love it!

  2. Why would you tell me not to check a post, that's like waving armed flag to a bull! He has nothing like this and can assure you he will adore it. Aunt Sally will be the best thing ever come Saturday! X

  3. What a sweet idea for a little boy! It will be much loved.


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