Monday, 3 March 2014

More Brooches

So last week it was a cushion making spree; this week, so far, seems to be a brooch making spree. Fabric brooches just seem to be the perfect, fun, mini make. I think I could very happily make lots and lots of them!

The two I've got to show you today are ones I've made for Venetia and Maria. Venetia requested a butterfly brooch - predictably! A couple of weeks ago she did a little picture for me, which has been stuck up in the kitchen:

I thought it might be nice to try and use this as my design inspiration. Because of the proportions of the drawing and the fact that I was trying to translate it to something as small as a brooch, I couldn't copy it detail for detail. It's much easier to colour in a very thin strip with pens than it is to sew it with fabric. So I cut out a few of the stripes, and had to thicken up the body and simplify a bit of the detail. Here's what I was left with:

I think it's still got a reasonable feel of the original:

And Venetia likes it.

Next up, Maria. When asked what kind of brooch she would like, Maria replied: 'A daisy and a mermaid, please'. I thought I'd start off with the daisy, that sounded much the easiest. But actually I struggled quite a bit with this. Getting the petal placement as I wanted and trying to get it as small as I wanted. I'm still not really happy with either. I think I would probably have been better off making it from something other than wool. Anyway, here it is:

 You wouldn't think it would have caused me any problems, would you? It looks so simple! But it did! Hopefully the mermaid will go more smoothly. Maria is happy with it though.

Although she really didn't want to change out of her Minnie Mouse dress for her photo - which was a shame!

That's it for today, see you tomorrow,


PS Have you noticed there's an extra page on here now? With all my non-quilt makes, it's along the top line - 'Other craft projects', handy if you want to find anything I've made in the past.

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  1. I love them both, and it looks like they are already well loved :)


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