Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Leftovers - Cuff Bracelets

I had quite a few very small pieces of batik fabric leftover from the mini quilt yesterday. Much too small to keep them for future quilting projects, but I'm not very good at throwing away fabric at the best of times, never mind when it's beautiful, fresh pastel batiks that I only had a few scraps of in the first place. I really wanted to use every teeny, tiny, last piece. So I turned them into a cuff 'bracelet'.

Just like a mini, mini quilt really, with a couple of layers of wool in the middle and lots of stitching to give it enough stiffness to hold its shape.

It fastens with a button and a small loop of thin, cord elastic - sorry I should have taken a photo of that too. As soon as Venetia saw it she wanted one, and I had just enough of my tiny scraps to make one for her too:

She got to choose her own buttons and sew them on - although she got bored with that after the first couple tonight, there were more exciting games to join in with going on around us!

She's very happy with the end result still though. And then of course little Miss Maria wanted her own bracelet. I wanted to make something a bit more Maria-like for her, so here's her completely different version:

Lovely odd shoes to add to the look!

So, three bracelets whipped up from next to no fabric and a few buttons. I sort of wish I'd done button holes for the fastening rather than my loops of elastic, because I'm not sure how the loop will hold up to being pulled frequently. I sandwiched it between my fabric layers and zigzagged over it several times but I'm not convinced it'll last. I was just being lazy really, I don't much like doing button holes. If the elastic comes out I'll have to overcome my dislike and put button holes in them instead.

See you again tomorrow,


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