Monday, 24 March 2014

'Morning has broken' Mini Quilt

We've had quite a lot of really beautiful mornings over the last few weeks. Beautiful, magical mornings when the light has just been breath taking. When you go outside early and breathe in the cold, fresh air and the world is full of birdsong and the promise of an amazing day. Very difficult to capture the full beauty of these mornings on camera. These are attempts from this morning, but they really don't do it justice.

Every time we have a morning like this I find I have a particular song going through my head for most of the day - 'Morning has broken'. I think this song captures the beauty of these mornings better than my camera does! For a few weeks it's been on my mind to try and make a mini quilt to fit the song and the mornings, and this morning's light inspired me to get going. I've been mulling over how I might go about it, dithering over whether to try and recreate a realistic picture or whether to just try and convey a bit of the magic of the light and the feeling of the mornings. In the end I decided to go with the latter, a realistic picture just couldn't compare with the real thing.

I bought this roll of gorgeous batik fabric scraps at a Quilt Fair last year and I've been waiting for a good opportunity to use them.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The cat is another fan of these bright mornings, he always finds the sunniest patches and I had to turf him off my mat before I could get going!

Because it's only a mini quilt it came together very quickly.

And I got a backgound sewn up pretty fast.

Next I'm going to work a bit of applique over it.

Wishing you magical mornings this week too.



  1. I love mornings, so much beauty and such promise for the day ahead. Love how you captured it with the fabric, beautiful!

  2. I bloomin love that one Sal. Just got some pretty tie dye material to have a go at making a sun top.. Just finished a table runner. Will send a photo.x

  3. Oh that's so pretty - a gorgeous quilty sunrise!

  4. That is absolutely beautiful :-)


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