Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A night gown a day...

This is definitely a night gown week, I think it's likely you're going to have to put up with one tomorrow too, there's another well under way! After that I'll switch to something else, at least for a while, I promise!

This one is for Maria, just a smaller version of yesterday's. It's made from a lovely, soft, flannelette sheet, that has a few thin patches in places, but again plenty enough good fabric for this. And I remembered to take more photos today, so, possibly, if you couldn't understand any steps yesterday a photo today might help. Although, ironically, I found it really difficult to take good photos today, the fabric is a very delicate, pale pink colour and just didn't show up very well on camera.

Step 1 - cut out your 4 pieces, doubled up here.

Step 2 - sew the shoulders - right sides together. Then draw, and cut out, your sleeve to mirror your arm hole curve, but with extra for gathers.

Step 3 - Sew on the bottom pieces, again right sides together, gathering as you go, or pin/baste first to help keep those gathers even.

I was planning on covering the join with a ribbon again, so I also sewed another line just below my first, to make it more secure and also to keep that seam nice and flat so it doesn't annoy a sensitive tummy trying to get to sleep.

Step 4 - Then sew right down both sides, from the bottom of the arm hole right through to the bottom of the skirt, right sides together. (Ignore the fact that the sleeves are also on here - none of my attempts at photographing the side seams actually made it in the slightest bit clear!) You can sew your hem around the bottom now too.

Step 5 - And talking of not clear photos, this is the sleeve step. Hem the edge of your sleeve, and then sew it, right sides together, to your arm hole. I start just above the bottom of the arm hole, and gather as I go, making sure I have more gathers at the top (pin/baste as required again), and I stop at the same point on the other side, just above the bottom of the arm hole where your side seam starts.

It might be a little clearer in this picture with the ribbon already sewn on too.

Step 6 - Then a slit in the back of the neck for an opening.

Hem this.

And add a little button loop.

Step 7 - I chose to add my ribbon around the chest join now, because I wasn't yet sure what I wanted to do around the neck.

Step 8 - Once I saw this in place, I felt it also needed a little something around the neck too. I ironed over a little double hem, sewed it down, and then sewed on some ric rac as decoration.

Don't forget your button at the back and then you're done.

It was even quicker to make today.

Definitely a very easy Christmas present.

I think my last nightie for the week, tomorrow, might be going to be my favourite so far. I washed lots of my thrifted, crocheted doilies that I've been hoarding to use as decoration on it, I think it's going to be good! And they looked so pretty on the line.

Looking forward to sewing them on tomorrow. See you then,



  1. Another super sweet night gown. I am intrigued about tomorrows, can't wait to see it :)

  2. So creative! Look forward to tomorrow's Big Reveal! X

  3. Oh it's so pretty (again) - definitely a bit of an alpine theme with the flannel, she'll have to play at being Heidi and find some goats to chase! And I. Very curious to see tomorrow's big reveal with the doilies. I'm also in awe at how fast you work considering that these are super top secret projects!

  4. Love these, I was mini me was a nighty wearer :( she prefers tops and bottoms, preferably tight. May be with summer coming I can pursued her ....
    I'm also in awe of how you work, so much faster than I manage, and focused too. I tend to drift from one random project to the next!

  5. Lovely! The trims are such beautiful touches!


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