Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hexies misbehaving

I've been having a frustrating time with my hexies today. I have 7 'flowers' hand sewn, and my plan was to turn them into a small baby blanket. But after spending an inordinate amount of time arranging and rearranging them off and on today, I just can't come up with any positioning that I like.

You'll have to excuse the complete lack of ironing in these pictures!

I just don't think I've got the right balance of colours, particularly centre colours to make it work.

I tried with just 6 of them...

And with a new one in the middle...

And in completely different patterns...

But nothing was working for me today. So I abandoned it for the day, I think I may try a completely different idea tomorrow. And I switched to Maria's Kite picture instead for today.

It's all sewn, and I have a plan for the border/binding. The consensus of opinion seemed to be to go for something different to Venetia's picture. And, thinking about it, I'm sure that's right. Finishing their pictures in the same way would almost feel like dressing them in the same outfits, and that's something we've always decided to avoid. Besides which, Maria's picture is a very different shape and size, and I think calls for a different idea.

So, since it's Maria, I went with the obvious plan of rainbows!

A start made on it, but needs a couple of corner pieces to get it to fit. At least it all feels like it's going to work, unlike those hexies.



  1. I am such a big fan of Maria's rainbows!!!

  2. I wish I could help with the hexies, it is so frustrating when you want something to work, but it just doesn't. Hopefully after some sleep it will all fall into place. Love the rainbow idea, that is so perfect!

  3. Hang in there - something will work out with the hexies. I hope a good night's sleep gives you some fresh ideas or perspective on them!

  4. It's the pink one with the pink centre that's not working for me

  5. Would a solid color help settle the hexies? It's like a puzzle. I kept moving them around in my mind. I'm always impressed with your neat and tidy work. So much detail and always beautiful.

  6. An idea kinda came to me for the hexies, but I don't know how you would feel : Why not make a completely white hexie flower for the middle and embroider something? Just a thought...

  7. I think the problem with the hexes is that you've got a couple with no tonal separation between the middle and the 'petals' (the pink on pink one and one of the more pastelly ones) and they're throwing out the balance because the others are different and because they're only two of them so it's hard to come up with any sort of placement where they look balanced. I like Yanic's idea of white centres with embroidery but it depends on what overall look you're going for.
    Oh and I love the rainbows!!

    1. I had another thought on the hexie front - put your pictures into black and white on the computer and it might help you narrow down why they're not feeling quite right once you're only looking at the tones :)

  8. All your work looks amazing to me! If I may respectfully submit a suggestion for your hexagons, it would be that you perhaps need a contrasting 'pop' of colour to lift the pastel tones, something a little unexpected? X

  9. One can't go wrong with a rainbow, especially Maria's. :)
    With a fresh start, I know you will come up with something you like with the hexies.


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