Thursday, 2 October 2014

Night gown with doilies!

I was right, this is my favourite one!

And this will be very short, because this was such an easy make. I used the same design as Monday's night gown, sized it with one of Venetia's current tops again, and just left off the flounce at the bottom. It's made (surprise, surprise!) from an old flannelette sheet! It really took so little time to assemble and then I had the fun part of playing around with doily positioning on it.

I did the doilies before elasticating the neckline and sleeves.

Originally I had thought that I'd put the doilies all along the bottom, but I couldn't get them to look quite right, and after lots of playing around with them I liked this arrangement the best. Once I was happy I spray glued them on and then machine stitched them in place. I generally did 3 or 4 circles of white stitching, depending on the doily, one very near the centre, at least one in the mid section and definitely one around the edge. I sewed in the more solid areas of the doilies and it's really hard to see the stitching. 

I think using doilies was very much inspired by Jessica over at A New Creation, I always love the way she adds simple little vintage touches to clothes. I know it's not to everybody's tastes, some of you will be looking at it thinking it looks stupid, but I love it and I can really see Venetia wearing it. So much so, that I'm wondering whether this should be a nightie at all, or if it would be better as a long tunic top. What do you think - nightie? Or is wearing doily adorned clothes out in the day totally OK?

Photo day again tomorrow, it comes round so fast!



  1. I was going to say that this one is just too pretty for a nightie? I think wearing it as a tunic with some leggings would be perfect, and look adorable.

    Absolutely love it Sally.

  2. I agree with Kim - this would be so cute as a dress with leggings. Beautiful work!

  3. I would wear a skirt version of this proudly everyday

  4. I think it looks like a lot of fun, and quite possibly day wear - or even both - it's just such a gorgeously sunshiney yellow!

  5. I have to agree with Kim, that is a dress I would wear. You come up with the best ideas! Just lovely.

  6. Gorgeous yellow colour and so fresh looking with the doilies on it - a summer dress maybe?? Isn't 'doily' a funny word? I wonder where it comes from? Anyway, I digress .... these are quite lovely and such a fun idea! xCathy

  7. I love it , Sally! I think it's smashing, day or night!


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