Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Robin Mini Quilt

We're all about Christmas robins round here at the moment. We have a very friendly robin out in the garden and he's set us off drawing and creating robins.

I began making this as a Mini Quilt, but Venetia has now also started a couple of robin fabric pictures which will become mini quilts, so, since we don't want too many robin mini quilts, and since I think I could happily make lots more robin applique blocks, I think this might now become part of a larger robin quilt. Quite possibly it won't get finished till next Christmas, mind you!

I originally thought this large doily would make good snow flakes, but I couldn't bring myself to chop it up, and in it's original state I think it looks much more like a full moon, but I quite like it that way.

And I had the perfect, vintage, mother of pearl button for my mistletoe berry too.

I'm hoping you like robins, because there may be a few more around here over the next week or so!



  1. I like robins, mostly because they mark the coming of spring :)

    Have you heard of the book How the Robin Saved Spring...amazing!

  2. I think the lace looks like the moon, too, what a cute mini.

  3. Christmas Robins--is that a thing? Or something of your own invention? Either way--love it!

  4. Sweet Robins! it could be a full moon but I think it should really be a large snowball! XCathy

  5. The lace reminds me of a full moon! Such a lovely piece of art...and, yes, we love robins. They are a sign of spring after our long New England winters.

  6. It's beautiful - I love the doily, it does look like a full moon, but perhaps a full moon with snow falling in front of it! And yay for more robins, they're cute :)

  7. I love watching our feathered friends and this piece they inspired!

  8. That is just lovely! I love the button. So simple, but speaks volumes. :-)


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