Tuesday, 7 October 2014


September was very kind to us, lots of sunshine and reasonably warm days. Already October has been colder and wetter. There's no denying we're into Autumn now. So yesterday, out came the pumpkins!

These are all pumpkins I made from recycled wool last year, you can find them here, with instructions.

It was lovely just being able to get them out of the cupboard, as I might with Christmas decorations.

 The mouse hole pumpkin, with finger puppet mouse, is still my favourite!

Here he is in probably a better picture from last year.

But, I decided we had room for another, different pumpkin as well! I fancied making one from denim, which I thought might work well as the 'seams' are on the outside with this design.

I started off cutting out my 'petal' shapes, and then I machine doodled some orange swirls and spirals on them. See instructions for last year, but, with hindsight, these 'petals' were a bit too long and thin. Shorter and fatter makes a better pumpkin shape, I think.

I put it all together and sewed on a few 'folky' buttons in Autumnal hues and here it is:

See what I mean with the tall and thin? The girls think it looks more like an apple, and the boys just can't get beyond the oddness that it's blue!

Apple or pumpkin, I do quite like it.

But I think it could do with a couple of blue friends, ideally shorter, fatter, more pumpkin like blue friends!



  1. Love those :-) I'm digging out my spring decor! I adore those pumpkins - Im thinking ill have to make some in advance of our autumn. Also, its totally off here that halloween is in spring. It just doesn't work!

  2. Love the pumpkins, and apple or pumpkin, both are fallish :)

  3. There is such creativity in these pic's! I would never have thought of a denim pumpkin, but it works perfectly! Very clever work X

  4. Always on the look-out for a new pumpkin to make! And looks like i have found one here!!! Totally adorable!

  5. Your wool pumpkins are charming, and I love the mouse!! Yep, your denim apple (ha! I'm with the girls on that!) needs friends. The more, the merrier!

  6. I love it!! But I think it might be trying to be a blue bell pepper?! Maybe it needs a bit of squishing to make it more pumpkin like! I love the orange ones too, especially the wee mousie :)

  7. I love all of them... and your mice! They just get me every time. So darling!


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