Monday, 5 January 2015

Catch Up on Christmas Present Making

Before I move into 2015, a few last Christmas presents that couldn't be shared before the big day, what a long time ago it seems already!

A patchwork cushion, to match a quilt from a couple of years back...

A basket of Russian dolls in sleeping bags...

(A little more on these way back here, when I made them before.)

And Venetia squeezed in some last minute stars for me too...

Hoping all your last minute Christmas making was successful! And a, slightly belated, Happy New Year to you all.



  1. OOOO I just love those Russian Dolls! How sweet! Wishing you a happy new year :)

  2. I just love the elephant pillow Sally, the colours are a great combination and the elephant appliqué is very cute. Jen

  3. Oh aren't the dolls sweet! And I love the elephant cushion, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Sally, every time I visit your blog, I am amazed by ypur creativity.the elephant pillows are beautiful, and the sleeping Russian dolls are just lovely. Happy New Year! X

  5. What Penny said!!! Exactly. Blown away by your creativity!
    Happy New Year from me, too!

  6. So pretty... those Russian dolls are simply too sweet! Did you follow a pattern?

  7. Happy New Year :-)
    Love those dolls, so gorgeous

  8. Beautiful makes for Christmas, Sally!


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