Friday, 9 January 2015

This Moment

Here's a link to Soulemama's moment, and I have quite a few photos again, but all from the same trip out, so I don't feel too guilty! Another walk with just Sam, this time to Woody Bay. If you spot the tiny Sam figure (centre left, in front of the large rock), who'd run on ahead as we got close to the beach, then you get an idea of scale.

Next time I'll have to get him to wear something bright orange instead!

We sat down by this pool for lunch, not too bad a picnic spot!

Behind us the waterfall powered down the cliffs on to the beach.

Next to us, it streamed down the beach, finding it's way to the sea.

Either side, the coastline stretched out, hiding other smaller bays. And although it was quite cold and windy, it was also reasonably bright, so across the sea we could clearly see Wales.

The pool itself was a beautiful green, still and tranquil.

We have happy memories of jumping into this pool and swimming alongside an amazing shoal of brilliant, blue fish in the Summer. It was a little on the cold side for that today, and for testing out the waterfall or even getting too close, but it was still very beautiful.

Even in the Summer we've found it a very quiet beach, for this trip we had the beach completely to ourselves.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Beautiful pictures... I swear, it took me 5 minutes to find him in the first one.
    Can I ask how cold it is? Your son is always in shorts, even when all your other kids are wearing coats and hats! LOL!

  2. Stunning. How wonderful to spend some one on one time with with Sam. Have a lovely weekend Sally. xo

  3. As usually your scenery amazes me. What an amazing place you get to live.

  4. absolutely gorgeous, and the scale is amazing. Have a great weekend xxx

  5. What a gorgeous picnic spot! It does look a bit blustery and chilly. What is the temperature at this time of year? (I will be jealous of anything you say, you know! We are in the deep freeze here!) Was Sam the only one who wanted to brave the weather?

  6. Oh what a beautiful beach - and the tiny Sam does put it all in perspective! I love the pool, is it naturally occurring or has it had some help? It's a very straight edge but in your part of the world straight edges don't always mean cement!


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