Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tablecloth Night Gown

The mention of nighties in my previous post has reminded me that there was one late, last minute extra nightie made shortly before Christmas, so a very quick rewind to 2014 again, because if I don't show you now I won't get round to it again.

Not the best photo ever, and a little creased - but it made a nice change not to be having to take secretive photos on hangers anymore.

This one started life as a very pink tablecloth in a charity shop. I used the same kind of design as for the doily dress, but to fit in with the dimensions of the table cloth, and to make the most of the pattern on it, I created a separate top piece.

Not quite finished here, but, if you're interested, hopefully the construction might make sense from this if you refer back to previous nightie posts.
Venetia was very happy with it and with her other nightie, as was Maria with hers. And while I'm on last year still, I'm happy to also report that they both loved their Frozen dresses. Very difficult to get any good pictures of these because they really would not stay still in them, but here's my best attempt...

Mid song of course!
So a final recap, there were 4 nighties and 1 dress all made completely from thrifted/recycled fabric, and 2 Frozen inspired dresses made almost completely from thrifted fabric, just a little bit of new for Maria's 'cloak'. Sheets, duvet cover, net curtains, and tablecloth all bought for very little money.

So before you go and splurge on new fabric in the sales, go and have a browse round your local charity shop first!

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  1. Madam wants some nighties so I'm totally 100'5 stealing your pattern and doing that!! Love that tablecloth one, its so pretty!

  2. I love how happy they look with your gifts! :)

  3. What lovely dresses, your girls are so lucky! I would wear (an adult sized version!) the yellow doily one myself!

  4. hi Sally, thank you for joining in with the Make, Thrift & Tell challenge! the philosophy of trying to use up second hand cloth in making clothes has always been attractive to me, it's also a great way to teach the kids to be resourceful and creative, I'm hoping my little boy will appreciate it too when he's older :) tablecloths are really good to make into clothes in my experience, I made a pair of thai fishermans pants out of a linen one not so long ago. i keep seeing stuff from Frozen everywhere, I'm really curious, not seen it yet but shall watch it soon - maybe i too will want a Frozen dress afterwards :)

  5. Great job! And those Frozen dresses are so unique and lovely... Refreshing after seeing half a dozen cheap Disney Store ones over Christmas everywhere! I plan on thrifting a lot this year. I might need your expertise!

  6. Oh I love all the photos but especially the last one - that's just such a gorgeous happy smile to match a wonderful dress!

  7. Oh Sally you're so clever!

    I love the nighties, I've only ever made pillowcase PJs before, but you've inspired me to have a go.

    And as for the Frozen dresses, well, lets just say I'm not showing my daughter! She'd make me get my machine out right away!

    Thanks so much for linking up. x

  8. Such beautiful garments from thrift! Happy girls, happy pocket purse, everybody wins!!!

  9. These are so cute dresses, love that you've made them all from upcycled charity shop finds. At the moment I am turning a stained table cloth into a cover for a shopping basket, so you are not the only one who loves to work with stuff like this :-)
    But I have to admit, I can't imagine my cover looking as lovely as your little dresses and your girls obviously are very happy wearing them, what more is there to ask ;-)


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