Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Year Sewing

There have been lots of interesting and inspiring posts around blogland over the past week or so about the New Year - new plans, intentions, resolutions. Usually January hits and it does feel to me like an opportunity for new beginnings, fresh plans and extra motivation. I'm not necessarily someone who makes lots of specific resolutions at this time of year, but I am generally someone who has new intentions or plans, or at least renewed oomph for intentions or plans already in existence! But this year, not so much. I'm not really sure why. Possibly because this year it feels to me, more than ever, that every day is a new beginning and a chance for a fresh start. A new year feels a bit less of a big deal than in the past.

But from a crafting point of view, I did have a huge focus on Christmas making over the past few months, building up to a slightly frenzied crescendo as the big day drew nearer! With all that over, I have felt a need for a bit of taking stock about what kind of things I want to be making now. And although, for me personally, I often find the thing with creativity is that you just have to let it take you where it wants to take you, where you're excited to go at that moment, so it doesn't always work to make lots of plans, there are definitely a few projects and ideas that are buzzing around my head at the moment - that could almost be called plans.

In particular I really want to get a few more Mini Quilts made, and I have some quotes or words I'd like to use as inspiration for them. And I seem to be feeling the urge to do a bit more hand sewing too. I've started sewing some wool pennies on to squares of wool.

The colours are all being chosen to blend with this wool scarf which I'm also planning to use, so often I find a thrifted scarf is a great source of pretty wool.

All the wool is thrifted of course.
I'm really enjoying sitting and sewing at a slower pace than usual with these squares. And I have a feeling I'll be in the mood for more wool pennies after this project is finished.

As well as wool pennies, I'm strangely drawn to the idea of hand sewing some 'yoyos' right now, and possibly using them in a quilt. Not something I've ever done before. And often when I see yoyos, I find them a little old fashioned, so I think it could be a bit of a challenge to avoid that trap. But there are quite a few yoyo projects out there that manage it, like this quilt for instance...

Here on Pinterest
It might not be to your taste, but I don't think you could call it old fashioned? So hopefully I might pull it off too.

I enjoyed the dress and nightie sewing for the girls before Christmas, which was a little unexpected for me, and I think the New Year might see me dabbling a little more with some dress making type sewing, possibly even - drum roll please! - sewing something for me. As in something for me that I would then actually wear! It might happen!

So what about you? What New Year sewing or making are you planning? Have you ever made yoyos and used them? Any advice for me? And when was the last time you made something specifically for yourself?



  1. The last time I made something specifically for myself was a few months ago - I made a tea cozy for our tea pot at home. It was fun to dig in to my hoard of special fabrics and select just the right ones to make me happy. I have not done any yoyo work before, but that photo you included is most certainly not old fashioned! I hope that whatever you work on brings you joy this year.

  2. I love your phrase cautious phrase 'could almost be called plans'! Your wool 'pennies' hand stitched onto squares are really beautiful, I love everything about them: the colours, textures, shapes and stitching. Looking forward to seeing where you go with your amazing creativity in 2015 x

  3. Love those yoyos! and the wool pennies too. Cant wait to see what they become.

    Sewing wise, for 2015 I want to in the immediate (ok, next 6 months) finish the big quilt I have started for madam, it needs tidying round the edges and binding - the bit I hate lol.
    Make some cushions for the sofas (please could you do some cool cushion recaps for me to pilfer ideas from?!?) and sew some kitchen curtains. Added to that I want to try and nail making some trousers for little madam (thats she'll actually WEAR) I fear I'm going to have to embrace my overlocker and knit fabric for that one.
    I'd also love to finish crocheting my big sis's christmas cowl, so that at least she can have it for easter!

  4. Sewing something for you...can't wait to see what you come up with. I am thinking this might be the year I do that myself. I actually piked up fabric for a skirt last summer, and yeah, it is still sitting there waiting. Maybe this year....

    Love the wool squares, I find hand sewing so meditative. Enjoy!

  5. I have to agree with Kim, can't wait what you will make for yourself! It seems almost strange to read. :-) Yo-yos are so fun. My mother-in-law showed me how to make them quickly, but honestly, I would have to ask again.

    Wishing you a terribly inspired crafty new year dear friend. xo

  6. The only time I've used yo-yos they were barnacles on the tips of the toes and one side of the head of an octopus that I made while very impatiently waiting for a very overdue Kitty to make an appearance so I suspect for me they will forever be associated with late pregnancy - but they do make excellent barnacles!


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