Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Wool pennies

The last few days my Mum has been very poorly, and things have been a little quiet and slow around here, but still time consuming. Busy, but slow motion busy with the volume down low if that makes sense! A tiny bit of wool stitching here and there is all that's fitting in. But it's amazing how quickly a few of these squares can be finished and added to the mix.

After my post last week on these, and my quandary about whether or not to introduce the extra background colours, Yvonne, over at Quilting Jet Girl, very helpfully threw 'stripes' into the ideas pot. Which was not something that had occurred to me at all, I think I'm too much of a random kind of person! But after sewing a few of the other colours, I'm really liking the way they're working together in a more ordered way.

The simple stripes, or maybe switching them around a little, but still to a pattern.

I'm only planning on having these 3 rows deep for a scarf (although the bag idea is very tempting too, Emma and Penny, thank you!)

So permutations are slightly limited.

I have to say that I'm really loving these colours together and am also tempted to do something blanket sized, but I think I would have to go slightly bigger on the squares, which would maybe lose some of its charm.

Assuming I do stick with a scarf, I'm now wondering how I'm going to sew it together and what to back it with. Initially, I had planned on just laying the squares out on a backing piece and machine sewing them straight on to it, without overlapping them in any way, or sewing them together first. Mainly to avoid bulky wool seams on something quite small. And I hadn't decided between a soft denim for the backing, or maybe a flannel or a stiffish silk. But now, I think because I like them so much as they are, I'm apprehensive of getting it wrong and spoiling them.

Good thing I've still got plenty more of the hand sewing to do while I mull it over!



  1. Personally, I would back them with soft flannel, but I do love how flannel feels against my skin! Your layouts are fun, and I am glad I sparked some ideas for you. :) I am sorry to hear about your mom, and I'll be thinking of you all.

  2. Love the simple stripes! Flannel sounds warm for the backing.

    Hope your mom feels better soon. xo

  3. Sorry to hear your mum is not well, it must be comforting to do a little stitching here and there in between times. I love how these little squares look when laid out, so pretty x

  4. I like the diagonal stripes best but they're all very lovely and they'll make a fabulous scarf - how about fleece as a backing, that way you could avoid seams all together?
    I hope your Mum gets better soon too :)

  5. I like the plain stripes, looks really good.

    Get well soon to your mum, I hope she's ok xxxxxx

  6. those are so lovely. get well wishes to your mum x

  7. I love those! What about leaving space between the wool "tiles" when you sew them to a base, sort of like grout lines? Whatever you do will be lovely and cozy.
    I hope your Mum feels better soon.

  8. Prayers for you and your Mom. Your handwork is beautiful and I know conforting to your spirit. Stitch on!

  9. Love these! They are all so unique and beautiful. Actually I have been thinking about making a wool quilt from used sweaters and embellishing them with "wool pennies" (an idea I got from you!) I came to look for some photos of the quilts you have made. Love your work!!

  10. I realize I might be late with chiming in, but I think I'm partial to the diagonal stripes myself. Such detail, you work wonderfully. Hope your mom is feeling better.


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