Monday, 21 July 2014

A Mouse Picnic Present

So my mini quilt from last week required a couple of accessories before it properly turned into a present.

Many thanks to Emma who bravely let me borrow her posh camera over the weekend to take these photos while Theo still had mine!

I'd found this very small picnic basket with a mini tea set at a Charity Shop in perfect condition, and I thought it would be a cute variation on one of my favourite homemade presents. Several times I've given a teddy bear's picnic with a larger quilt, proper picnic basket and bear, this time around it became a miniature mouse picnic present. The 2 mice are little, wool finger puppets and fitted perfectly into the basket with the tea set. And Maria wrote a little mouse note to go with them.

I think this week may be full of home made presents, we seem to be in a mad rush at the moment to get teachers' presents finished for the end of school and there are a couple of others on the go or just finished too. So definitely a theme for the week.

And Theo returned from his camping at the weekend, tired but having had a good time, slightly more tanned than when he left, and happily with my camera in one piece! He'd been to the Scilly Isles, which is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. Here are a few of his photos:

Definitely still somewhere I'd love to visit! And despite having forgotten to pack his wallet, so having absolutely no money with him, he managed to bring me back a little present:

Ahhh, sea glass! My favourite! Just as with homemade presents, it's all about the thought and time and effort!

Back again tomorrow,



  1. Oh my goodness the quilt with the mice and the picnic it! Just adorable. Theo took some great photos, looks like a wonderful spot to visit. Love the gift, I would be smiling about that one too.

  2. What wonderful presents, both the mouse picnic set and the sea glass. Love his pics from the Scilly's too, they are great.

  3. Perfect accessorizing! Love it!

  4. What a cute set of accessories for the mini quilt! :)

  5. Oh, those mice and their little quilt are absolutely adorable!!!!
    Nice sea glass...such pretty, beachy colors.

  6. Aww the wee mice are just so cute - perfect for tiny tea parties!

  7. I was impressed with the little quilt, but then I saw the mice and picnic set (and note!). So adorable, and inspiring!

  8. Linking to my Wordpress page, Isabella's Whimsy.

  9. Oh my! How absolutely adorable! I love your mouse art... Those cliffs are gorgeous. And I agree with you, sea glass is the best. We have a bag of them saved up for a birthday present at the end of summer. Still need to sit down and get that project done with the Little Miss.

  10. Those mice are absolutely adorable. What a perfect gift. Theo has your eye for good photos and the sea glass is beautiful.

  11. How fun and creative everything is! You have a gift for explaining!!


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