Thursday, 10 July 2014

Maria's Doll's Quilt

Just a quick post tonight to show you Maria's finished Doll's Quilt (with more of an explanation of how we approached it right back at the start here, and a progress report here).

She's really pleased with it, although so far the dolls aren't getting much of a look in, it's very much her quilt.

I think her favourite parts are the flaps:

My favourite parts are the machine embroideries of her drawings, particularly the duck (above) and her self portrait below:

I especially love the belly button - Maria's'portraits' usually feature a belly button!

I think it would be lovely to do a mini quilt purely based on one, or all, of the children's drawings - possibly self portraits from everyone? Definitely one to think about.

But for now it's good to get a quilt finished - not much of that been happening recently!

Back tomorrow with a photo,



  1. Came here from Adrienne's On The Windy Side blog after reading your post - you see I loved the name of your blog, Wonky Patchwork, and had to take a look. I have so enjoyed seeing this quilt and going back and seeing how it was made. What a fantastic idea! And obviously the smile on Maria's face says it all.

  2. Spending a little time catching up this morning and boy am i glad I am!!! What a charming, adorable doll's quilt! No wonder the dolls may never have the use of it!!

    Do make the quilt using everyone's drawings! You have the skills to do it! And what a family keepsake it will become. When my daughter was little (a prolific artist as a young girl), I had the brainstorm to make such a quilt only recreating her drawings in embroidery. And i did complete a couple blocks but eventually abandoned the project. A decision I regret to this day.

  3. What a treasure, Sally! I love all of the bits incorporated in this creation!

  4. I love it! I love her little pictures sewn in. What an amazing keepsake!

  5. What a darling little the embroidery of Maria's drawings!

  6. I adore the belly button and the little heart. It's a wonderful and whimsical piece of art.


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