Monday, 14 July 2014

Autumn Leaves Quilt WIP

I seem to be busy working on lots of very different things at the moment, lots of presents for a wide range of people. And one of them is a biggish quilt that I sort of started right back at the beginning of October. You won't remember, but I cut out all these oak leaves from lovely, soft wool, but the actual sewing never quite happened.

Well, it's finally happening now.  Beginning with some drawing and more cutting.

And moving on to lots of sewing.

The background is an old curtain, it's quite denim like, but soft and lighter weight. All the other fabrics I'm using are recycled wools.

She's supposed to be just a random, happy girl rather than an attempt at Maria!
Her coat is still waiting for some buttons, but has real, little pockets already...

Here it is altogether so far.

Still quite a few leaves to add, some writing and then the backing and binding. Hopefully it will come together quite quickly now, especially since I only have a couple of days left to get it finished. Deadlines always work wonders for me!



  1. I am continually impressed with your talents. This is just amazing, and I love it!

  2. Love this, Sally! I have tons of projects, I just need some productive time! Maybe I should self impose deadlines! ;)

  3. You just continue to amaze me with your beautiful quilts!!! The details are exquisite!

  4. How fun! I can'T believe the detail... those little pockets just tugged at my heart. You create amazing things!

  5. This is a perfect example of why I love following you. Your work always seems to have a real sense of joy, in it. I'm also drawn to your use of colour, detail and texture. I can't wait to see how you finish this one.


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