Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dream Big Little One

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, but school has finally finished for the year today and all of a sudden I feel more relaxed! Especially after taking a barbecue down to the river this evening and staying for ages, swimming and playing in the water. Watching the bats flit over us as it grew dusky and generally not worrying about having to get children up early tomorrow for school. Hurray!

But it does mean I'm sitting down to write this very late - so I might keep it short. I have another homemade present to show you tonight. A present for a gorgeous, new baby. I think making presents for new babies could be the best kind of present making ever. So many different possibilities, and I was really dithering over what to make, when my friend Emma sent me this super cute picture.

Here on Pinterest

I had some fabric I wanted to use (to fit in with nursery decor)...

And, upon examining it closely, this sleepy, little owl in the pattern seemed to fit the text perfectly...

So, I made a mini quilt...

And since (yawn!) just looking at that owl (yawn!) is making me extra, extra (yawn!) sleepy, I'm off to bed now (yawn!).




  1. This is just lovely. You continue to amaze me :)

  2. What a cute mini quilt. I really like that the binding inspired the mini. Looks great! Enjoy your rest, sounds like a wonderful day. :)

  3. So sneaky yet so clever...we love it!!

  4. Your creativity never ceases to surprise me. This is a terrific gift.

  5. That is just beautiful Sally... And what a powerful message for a little person.

  6. Oh that's just adorable - what a gorgeous little quilt!

  7. That is wonderful, so clever doing that owl.
    It makes me think about Dr Seuss quotes for quilts!


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