Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mini Quilt Present

Just a quick post tonight. Thought I'd give you a sneak peek at another of the presents in production at the moment.

This one is quite a small mini quilt. It's almost finished, but there are extra elements to this present that aren't done yet, so I'll put it in context better next week. And hopefully with a better photo too - Theo is away for a few days, camping with school, and I've let him take my camera with him. I'm missing Theo and I'm also missing my camera!

Anyway, more important than the peek at the quilt is that I keep forgetting to pick a winner for my blogiversary wool giveaway. We finally got round to it tonight, there were 5 wonderful commenters, so Maria put 5 numbered slips of paper into a basket for me and drew one out. Sorry, there would have been a photo, but taking the quilt photo with a phone had already been far too much of a technical challenge for me! The winner was ..... drumroll please .... the lovely Aimee from Small Steps Big Noises. But, Maria then decided that we really needed to pull out another number too, and then another...till they'd all come out. And since I'd really wanted to send everybody who commented a little bundle, and there were only 5 altogether (and one of you lives plenty close enough not to need to trouble the postman!), I thought what I'd love to do is send Aimee the big rainbow bundle...

And those other pieces...

And then send each of my other lovely commenters (Kim, Jessica, Jo and Michele) a smaller, mystery bundle. So if that's OK then I'll be in touch soon to find out where to send the bundles.

That's it for tonight, back tomorrow with a photo,



  1. Love that mini quilt :-) and yay! So exciting, now I have to think of something wonderful to create with them. Something rainbowy. Thank you xxxx ps don't forget to pop your return address in so we can send you a postcard from our cold and snowy island ;-)

  2. You are much too kind my friend, thank you! Congratulations Aimee :)

  3. You are so sweet, Sally! And Maria is such an enthusiastic helper! I love this mini!

  4. That's such a generous and kind thing, to do. Thank you!!!!

  5. PS: I was so excited about the mystery bundle I forgot to mention the mini quilt. I adore the summery, garden fabrics and pretty colours.

  6. What a wonderful mini quilt... Sorry I missed the giveaway post. Congrats to the winner and everyone else. :-)

  7. Wow, what a wonderful gesture to send everyone a gift. :) The mini quilt looks bright and fun.


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