Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Another Quilt Exhibition

I was lucky enough to go to another Quilt Exhibition yesterday. This one was a little smaller and very local - in Bideford. It's been organised by the Bideford and Tarka Quilt Groups. And it's right next to a very good park so Maria was prepared to put up with being dragged around the quilts in return for a good long play in the park - she did pretty well out of the deal in fact, she got far longer in the park than I got at the quilts! If you live in the area it's definitely worth a visit. I've just got lots of photos to show you from there today.

An amazing hexagon quilt, the hexagons are Japanese folded.

This one is called 'Memories of childhood'

This was a very pretty quilt in cream and lavender.
 Here's a bit more detail from some of the squares, I love the fabrics and all the gorgeous embroidery and quilting detail in these squares.

Then a couple of beautiful wall hangings...

Just look at all the quilting detail on this one, the steps and the walls are done so effectively.

This next one was probably my favourite. A sort of crazy patchwork quilt.

So much lovely stitchwork and beautiful appliques.

A very simple design with a modern feel to it...

This one was huge and I'm very much in awe of how difficult it must have been to piece this so precisely and then manoeuvre it around for all the quilting.

This 'rainbow' quilt was Maria's favourite.

This next one was another very simple design, just varying brickwork with a thin border in between. The perfect kind of quilt to try and start out on because there are no corners that need matching. This one was made with beautiful fabrics in shades of blue, and looked lovely despite its simplicity.

A log cabin.

It's probably too difficult to see but this quilt has a collection of old buttons sewn into it.

Then there were several small quilts made as part of a challenge competition - 'Shaking up Shakespeare':

A quote from 'All's well that ends well'

This very pretty one is based on a quote from 'Romeo and Juliet':
"This bud of love by Summer's ripening breath may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet"

And my last photos are of another huge one...

I hope you can see how much quilting is on here - and that was all hand quilting! Amazing, I cannot imagine ever having the patience (or time!) to do something like that.
All the squares were slightly different, here are a few close up:

I think I may have to go back for another trip to the park and a wander around the quilts. The exhibition is running for another couple of weeks, and I believe there are workshops organised on various days too, but I'm not sure what or when. Definitely worth a visit, and I almost forgot to say -  entry is free.

Back again tomorrow, Sally.

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