Thursday, 19 December 2013

Handmade Christmas Decorations

It's finally starting to happen, the house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I'm not going to write a lot tonight because I'm having a bit of a panic about getting my elephant quilt finished tomorrow and I need to get back to it, but I've snapped a few handmade decorations from Christmas past to show you.

My plastic canvas bunting across the fireplace has been temporarily replaced with some Christmas tree bunting.

I started out with a long, rectangle of any old, unwanted fabric. Then I just sewed long, thin scraps across it, with raw edges showing, layering them as I went along. Once I'd covered the whole rectangle, I cut out my Christmas tree shapes and then sewed them, wrong sides together, with a little trunk and my twine sandwiched between the pieces. Depending on how thick your fabrics are, you might need to add some wadding between the 2 layers to give it a bit of weight. Does that make sense? Sorry I have no photos, it was very easy, and I do really want to make some more in lovely bright colours - maybe for next year.

Next I have a few more, simple Christmas trees.

These were great to make with the children. They were very much inspired by the lovely felt trees made here. We just cut out lots of wool circles, in graduating sizes, and threaded through them all with a button on the top. Very easy.

Moving away from trees, Venetia painted me this canvas of Father Christmas last year and we teamed it up with these simple wooden blocks. They're just stained with the letters painted on them.

And last up for tonight, my dangling robins...

I did have plans to do lots of Christmas making this year, I've collected so many ideas I love on my Pinterest board here.

Holiday ornaments. A set of 3 Christmas trees. Blue, red, white.

It just hasn't happened, but even without new decorations, it's always lovely getting the old ones out each year, finding goodies buried that I'd forgotten. I hope all your homes are looking gorgeous and festive too. And have you got any favourite homemade decorations? Either year in, year out favourites or new ones this year?

Back tomorrow with a photo, Sally.

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