Saturday, 28 December 2013

Elephant Quilt

I finished the elephant quilt, just in time, before Christmas.

Sorry, not the greatest photo, it was blowing a gale and raining at the time - we were pretty brave even peeking our noses out of the front door!
 I showed you photos of the individual elephants back here before they were pieced together. Here are a few close ups of them now they're in the quilt.

Here's the reverse applique one.

This cute little one was a late addition, he's marching across the top strip, you can just about see him in the first picture of the whole quilt. I think he might be my favourite.

The quilt was made from a mixture of blankets and jumpers/cardigans. One of the cardigans had 2 really good pockets in it, so I incorporated these into the quilt and popped an elephant patch on to each in blanket stitch. Hopefully they'll be put to good use - maybe a remote control or a phone?

And I had the perfect backing to finish it off and make it a completely recycled quilt- a duvet cover in blue and white, with elephants marching across.

With plenty left for a matching quilt bag too.

It was another fun one to make. And although it's always hard to know whether you hit someone's particular personal tastes, I do feel that I definitely hit the brief of 'blue, white and orange, with an elephant theme'!

But it did feel a little strange to be making a quilt along the same colour lines as a previous one in the Summer, I don't find that happens too often. Do you remember this one?

Back here.
They felt very different to make, and they are very different, the first didn't lead to the second or influence it in any way (the Tree Quilt was the influence really), and yet they do look, elephants aside, quite similar.

I'll be back with another quilt on Monday. See you then, Sally.


  1. I never heard you ring on the doorbell!!!!! What an idiot!! So glad you got it finished. It looks fantastic.Just love the blues and orange together.I am busy making a table runner for my Mum in laws 70th bday at the end of the month so will let you see when finished Sal.Hope you guys had a wonderful xmas.Should imagine it was a change to the norm.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxLove Shellxxx

  2. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too, and especially that Henry got himself properly better in time. Looking forward to your table runner now. How's your shirt quilt coming on? And what about the giant's waistcoat at school? We need a catch up! X


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