Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Wreaths and Making

A bit more Christmas decorating and some late Christmas making...

I made this wreath a couple of years ago, and I think it might be my favourite.

I love the colours. It's just a circle of heavy duty garden wire with lots of triangles (very rough triangles) of fabric pushed through. The fabric was mainly wool but I couldn't get a bright enough green in wool at the time, so that was a non wool, skirt chopped up. The join in the wire at the top is covered up with garden twine wrapped round and round.

I made this banner in the same fabrics to go with the wreath.

It was impossible to photograph inside so it had to come out, although not the easiest thing outside either!

Then a complete contrast. A very understated wool wreath I made at the same time.

The wool circle has got wire running inside it, as well as stuffing, to help it hold its shape. And then just some simple holly with button berries...

And a few extra buttons as well...

Then as much as I love fabric wreaths, we can't have Christmas without a fresh wreath, or two. So Sam and I got to making those.

We've got a couple of willow wreath bases we bring out each year, and then we poke in, and wire on, whatever greenery takes our fancy.

Here's Sam's...

And I put a few dried hydrangeas and some dry seed heads in mine this year...

And we're also having a spot of last minute sewing. Last year I made lots of bags for Christmas wrapping, for the presents under the tree. They were great. Usually we end up staying up very late Christmas Eve getting all the wrapping done, and the bags really helped us get to bed at a slightly more sensible time! So this year I've had a special request - from Father Christmas! Perhaps I could make more bags that could go in his stockings? To be honest, I'm not surprised. I'd be very fed up with wrapping if I were him.

I've had this basket full of festive coloured scraps and ribbons collected for probably about 6 months to get them made. But of course I work best to a deadline!

Luckily Venetia decided she'd like to help Father Christmas too.

So we were both busy making bags this afternoon. Still quite a few to go but we've made a good start.
I just make a very quick open bag shape, and then sew a ribbon on either side of the opening.

Then the present goes in and the ribbon wraps around to close it.

This one was made out of an old skirt, it was pleated and I kind of like the way that looks now in the bag.
As well as finishing the bags, I'm hoping I might get just a little bit more Christmas making squeezed in tomorrow. See you then, Sally.


  1. beautiful decorations! and that wrapping idea is amazing! I need more time....if not, then next year!

    1. More time would be great, I need that too! Happy Christmas to you all.

  2. Loving the fact you have trained the children to make with you!


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