Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sewing Kit Present

It was Venetia's birthday last week. I find girls so much easier to buy and make presents for than boys. There were lots of things racing round my head that I could have made for her, but in the end I decided to make something that would help and encourage her with her own making - a sewing kit.

I found a pretty sewing box in a Charity Shop and then just had to fill it.

I put in a few standard things - some scissors, a tape measure, some thread, a needle threader, some safety pins and a water soluble pen. Then added a couple of home made touches. First off a needlecase book:

I made it with some wool from an old blanket, and I took my new sewing machine out for a bit more of a spin with some embroidery stitches and some letters.

Then a pin cushion. Maria decided it should be an ice cream pin cushion!

Again this was just with wool. The 'flake' (which looks huge in this photo for some reason!) and the ice cream parts were pieces of wool rolled up and hand stitched to keep their shape. The cone is literally a cone of wool with a circle base, and I sewed a curtain weight into the bottom to help it to stand. So now the pins are the sprinkles!

Of course, a sewing kit is not much good unless you have something to sew. So I also set her off with her own little fabric stash.

I have plenty enough to share after all! I knew Venetia was keen to make something Christmassy and I had a few fat quarters of Christmas fabric sitting around that I didn't get round to making anything with last year. And since this year is not looking likely to work out better, I thought they could happily go to another good home instead.

And there were a few pieces of fabric in my stash that Venetia had cajoled me into buying in the past because she loved them, but that I didn't want for any particular project and which have been just sitting there. So they were perfect for her too.

And a few upcycled fabrics buried in there too, I have to start her off along the right lines obviously! There's even a pillow case in there, I thought a pillow case dress might be a perfect project for her some time soon. And another recent charity shop find was a box of lace and trimmings.

She was very happy with her present and straight away started planning her idea for a Christmas make. It's looking good so far...

I'll show it to you when it's finished. And talking of finished, I haven't shown you her Doll's Quilt yet, have I?

She's very proud of it and she's done a great job with it.

Back again soon, Sally.

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