Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Tree Mini Quilt

I haven't made a single Christmassy thing so far this year, and, lets face it, time is ticking on and it's not looking too hopeful. But Venetia has my back on this one!

She used some of the fabrics I gave her for her birthday along with her sewing kit.

She took her inspiration from a Christmas card she'd made at school.

And she drew it out much bigger on Bondaweb and cut around the pieces. I ironed it on her fabric choices, she cut them out again and then I ironed them on her background fabric as instructed. Next she sewed each one down on the little, old machine.

Here it is at this point...

I quite liked it just plain like this but we both felt it could be improved by adding 'something'. After considering various different options (ribbon, lace, sequins...), Venetia, happily, decided the 'something' was buttons. As well as the fact that I love buttons, this was also great because it meant Venetia got to learn how to sew on buttons and then practise her new skill quite a lot!

Once the buttons were on, she was nearly there. We made a quilt sandwich with a piece of old blanket in the middle and the same blue for the backing, all spray glued in place with wonderful 505 basting spray. Then she went back to the machine to 'quilt' some lines on there - a bit of detail around the button tree topper, and then 2 lines all the way round the tree itself.

I cut out some strips of binding in red and pinned them on for her to sew in place on the machine again, front and back. And I just hand finished the corners for her afterwards. Here it is finished and ready to hang on the wall to look beautiful.

Venetia is really pleased with her creation and I love it. It's also great to see her sewing already progressing from the doll's quilt she finished a few weeks ago.

I'm really looking forward to seeing it up with our Christmas decorations and it will be wonderful to be able to bring it out year after year.

I'm hoping I might get round to sharing some of my handmade Christmas decorations from previous years with you over the next few days. It's about time I started getting in the festive spirit round here. Till then, Sally.


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