Monday, 15 July 2013

A week in the life of a quilt

So last Monday I had this quilt to finish:

It had to be done by yesterday (Sunday). Here's my progress during the week:

Monday - nothing.

Tuesday - nothing, things weren't looking good.

Wednesday - I got to this point:

All trimmed up and a thin border in pale green wool sewn on all round. Not much progress still.
Thursday - I put together a wider border to go on next, picking out the colours from the flowers:

Not sewn on yet though.

Friday - Too busy making a gnome army for the party and nothing done again - aagghh!

Saturday - a very late night (or rather early morning). This is how it came together:

Top and bottom borders sewn on.
Sides as well.
Backed, quilted and a border.
I had to machine stitch the border back and front, I just didn't have time to slip stitch or blanket stitch it unfortunately. But other than that I was happy with how it came together.

It didn't come out of the washing machine until first thing Sunday but it was so hot it still dried just in time for our lunchtime party delivery deadline. The top is all wool, from a mix of blankets, jumpers, skirts and scarves, the back is cotton flannel. It's difficult to see some of the detail easily in photos, there's a spider with a web up in the corner but I just couldn't get the web to show up on any photos, it's too subtle. Here's some of the rest of the detail though:

I enjoyed doing the snail.

You can just about make out the stalks.
You might just about be able to see there are some small beads embellishing the middle of the flower.
And a bag for this quilt too:

This quilt was more of a struggle than I expected but it was good to get it finished. Tomorrow I've got a quilt to show you that was so much easier going. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look right at the start (quite unusual for me!) and it worked out just as I envisioned it, a very well behaved quilt!

Back then, Sally.

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