Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Quilt Exhibition

Yesterday I had a lovely trip up to see a Quilt Exhibition that Sarah, at Rowan Tree Studios, near Clovelly, has put on as part of Art Trek.!/Rowantreestudio?fref=ts
(Remember to check out the workshops they run)

They're open daily from 10.30am to 4.30pm until the 21st July. With the weather so gorgeous at the moment they're in a good position to combine a visit there with a trip to the beach! (That's what we did - Bucks Mill, lovely beach, though hard climb back up when carrying a tired 4 year old!)

Here are some photos of the beautiful quilts they had on show:

Colourful hexagons.

The quilting detail on this one was amazing.

More amazing quilting detail, these were both made by a lady called Julia Barker who apparently is a renowned local quilter, I can see why.

Another quilt by Julia Barker, the colour variations are brilliant here.

A lovely, soft looking quilt.

A pretty, bright cushion.


A lovely, small faded look quilt on one of Sarah's many vintage sewing machines.

This is Sarah's oldest machine, dating back to the 1890s.

This is a tiny quilt, you wouldn't believe how small the piecing is on this quilt, and as for the stitching - weeny! 

This is a beautiful old quilt, possibly dating back about 100 years, which Sarah restored. It has that lovely, soft, worn look that suits a quilt so well.

This is a quilt for 'Hope Sews', a group sending quilts to orphans in Romania. I'll tell you more about them next week hopefully, if I manage to finally finish my latest quilt for them! Find them here on FB,!/pages/Hope-Sews/102588516501725?fref=ts

This was one of my favourites, I do love a strippy quilt!
If you're in the area and get a chance then pop in and take a look round the lovely studio yourself. And if you have a vintage sewing machine then you can take it in and Sarah will give it a clean and oil and help you to use it. And I'll leave you with a couple of photos of Bucks Mill, just in case you need any further temptation to head up that way! Sally.

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