Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Little Mermaid Dress

So, here’s my 5 minute make (this might be the last of Maria’s homemade birthday presents, I’ve lost track a bit!)

A Little Mermaid smocked dress
5 minutes, I promise! The secret is in the fabric. I bought it from here (half way down the page)
It’s already smocked, and it’s even already neatly hemmed.

This is how it looks when you get it.

All you have to do is sew 1 seam straight down to turn it into a tube the right size for your little one, and then sew 2 bits of ribbon/ric rac on for the straps. It really is that easy. Bit of a cheat I know! They have some gorgeous fabric at ‘Bug Fabric’, I’ve just spotted some ‘I am Sam I am Sam’ (Dr Seus) fabric while I was copying the link, I’ve got a quilt in my head to do for my Sam and I think that could be an amazing binding. I might just have to get some! For UK readers, if you do buy fabric from there, don’t get too carried away or you’ll be stung for Import Taxes or Customs fees or something (not that I’m speaking from experience there, of course!)

The Little Mermaid is Maria's favourite Disney character so it's been a big hit with her.

It’s the Bake Off in my neck of the woods this afternoon (High Bickington, if you’re local too) so I’ll have some photos from there tomorrow. And here’s a sneak peek at my entries – I’m feeling hopeful, if I can get them there in one piece anyway!

Greek shortbread, strawberry and clotted cream kebabs and a Lemon Meringue Cake.

Back tomorrow with results, Sally.

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