Monday, 8 July 2013

My family and a peek at a Work in Progress

I'm only 1 week in to this blog and already I've found myself referring to my family several times in different posts. Which is, I suppose, inevitable. But I thought it might be a good idea to maybe introduce you to them all properly, rather than constantly referring to them as 'my littlest one' or 'my older daughter', which was feeling a bit awkward and formal last week. So, here we go...

This is Sam, who's 12, hates haircuts, loves maths, cricket, Arsenal football club, reading and swimming in the sea.

Here's Theo, he's 11 and he loves bugs and creepy crawlies, rock pooling and swimming in the sea, gaming - especially anything Zelda related, and reading - especially Lord of the Rings.

This is Venetia, she's 6 and she loves butterflies, books, ballet, dressing up and shoes, especially if they have a bit of a heel and are sparkly.

And lastly, here's Maria who is 4 (just) and loves fairies, music, dancing, water, playing with her friends (or anyone else who'll play with her), in fact she loves just about everything. 4 is a very enthusiastic age I find.

My husband is Harry (yes, Harry as in 'When Harry met Sally', or is that so long ago that no one thinks that anymore? We got together just after the film came out so we heard it a lot back in the day). He's perfectly presentable, doesn't have an ugly green wart on the end of his nose or anything, but he'd hate a photo of him on here or anywhere else so I won't put one on. He's an accountant (yawn) who puts up with me filling up the house with fabric and clutter and spending too long on crafty things and not long enough on cleaning. He does moan a bit about it but he puts up with it.

And what do they all think about me blogging? Sam and Theo think it's very funny, Venetia thinks it's exciting and Maria is pretty much oblivious to it. Harry's not overly impressed that it'll be another thing that takes priority over a clean house but he's putting up with it as usual! He says he's going to wait a few weeks and then put a comment on here after one of my posts, something along the lines of "What a lot of wonderful things you make, how on earth do you do it all and still find time for housework? Oh, wait a minute, you don't!"

Anyway, that's it for the introductions. Hopefully I'll feel comfortable using their names now when they come into my writing. Now for my Work in Progress.

It's another present for someone, and it's got to be finished, washed and dried and ready to be given by Sunday. Since this week is already very booked up I'm feeling quite anxious about this. Especially as I haven't really decided how I'm going to finish it. It's another wool one and this part is going to be the central section, it's supposed to look like a stone wall with flowers etc on it. I've got a few leaves to applique on it still and then I need to work out what to do around it. It's been sitting unfinished for a long time because I haven't been able to visualise what to do next, I'm hoping the pressure of a deadline will kickstart my inspiration! So come Friday or Saturday you should see the finished article...

Back again tomorrow, Sally.

PS Remember the wool baby blanket from last week? It came through its last wash perfectly and the Mum- to-be loved it (or so she said!).

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