Thursday, 11 July 2013


Yesterday was the local, fund raising Bake Off – a beautifully civilised tea party as well as cake making competition. And lots of handmade goodies for sale too. I couldn’t resist this colourful crocheted bird.

As for the competition side – no rosettes here! And even worse, my arch rival (but lovely friend!) did win - I shan’t hear the end of this for some time! She made an extremely delicious looking chocolate roulade with raspberries and fresh cream (Mary Berry recipe).
But the best thing was how much money they raised for the Chemotherapy Unit – a huge £921 yesterday, with still money to come in from late sales. They’re going to beat their £1000 mark from last year, which is amazing.
On the making front, I’ve remembered 1 more birthday present that I haven’t shared with you on here, and it’s a very topical cake related make.
Some little wool felt cup cakes.
They’re from a lovely book – ‘Warm Fuzzies’ by Betz White. Here it is on Amazon:

It has lots of great felt projects – toys, clothes, bags etc. I’ve used several ideas from this book. The cupcake cases are made from jumper sleeves – ingenious idea. In the book they're designed as pin cushions so the case is sewn on, but because I wanted them for playing I’ve kept the case detachable, since putting them in and taking them out is half the fun.

The cake stand is made from 2 plastic plates, with a simple decoupaged flower on there to pretty them up, and then I spotted a set of wedding cake attachments in a charity shop a while back and one of these is just glued between the 2 plates. I’m sure there are plenty of other child friendly things you could glue between the layers – even something as simple as a small plastic cup maybe. You could always paint it if need be.
That’s it for today, back tomorrow, Sally.

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