Monday, 22 July 2013

My Mum's Quilt

I thought I'd show you one of my Mum's quilts today.

A beautiful Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt. This is a huge quilt - a very generous King Size. It took her quite a few years from start to finish, although I remember lots of periods within that when it was sitting with nothing being done to it. I've got a feeling that originally the plan was to give it to me as a wedding present, that obviously didn't happen but it was worth waiting for anyway!

It's particularly special for me because so many of the fabrics are from dresses I remember as a child, either mine or my Mum's, she used to make clothes for both of us.

I remember walking around the market with her looking at the fabric stalls, usually munching my way through a bag of grapes we'd just bought, no online fabric shopping in those days! I feel old all of a sudden!

My Mum has Parkinsons now and, unfortunately, she's not up to quilting any longer. We're currently extending our house so that she and my Dad can come and live down here with us (they're the other end of the country at the moment). There's been some sorting out of their house done in preparation for the move (still a scarily huge amount to do) and, as part of this, I recently unearthed a few of my Mum's old quilting bits and pieces, including quite a few unused hexagons, even some complete flowers and loads of the paper hexagon templates she used in the piecing.

Just a few of the leftover pieces.

I don't think I have the patience to go for such a huge Grandma's Garden quilt, possibly a smaller one some time in the future, but I do have plans for these leftover hexagons. Maybe when my Mum has moved down with us, then she can be a design consultant even if she can't sew now.
If you love hexagons, have a look at a few more here:

Back tomorrow, Sally.

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