Thursday, 25 July 2013

Teachers' Presents

As an idea for anyone else for teachers this year, I could be a little late here. Our school seems to be incredibly late breaking up this year, but in case you're in need of a present idea for some other reason I thought I'd share this with you today.

First off, can I just say that I know not everyone does teachers' gifts. But we have some really lovely teachers who give lots of their own time running clubs for the children and taking them off on trips and generally making their time at school as interesting and exciting as possible. So for us personally, we like to give them something at the end of the year to show them that we do really appreciate this.

We do often do handmade presents (surprise, surprise!) and a few of the quilts I've shown on here have been for teachers but for extra special reasons - a teacher who's been very important to one of my little ones who's having a baby, another teacher who's been very important for many years who's now retiring and a lovely pre-school teacher who's had 3 of my babies through her amazing Montessori school and now I've run out of babies to send there, very sad! Partly because all of those gifts have been extra special and time consuming, we've gone for something nice and easy and 'bought' for the 'standard' end of year presents. But hopefully still thoughtful and special - an ice cream hamper!

It's definitely a present I'd be happy receiving!

I saw this idea floating around Pinterest before Christmas, and we actually used it as a Christmas present for someone too, but it feels even more appropriate now in the middle of Summer. So, if you're struggling to come up with a present for somebody over the Summer, how about an ice cream hamper? You can make it as big (think different cones, wafers, flakes, sprinkles, sauce, syrup...) or as little (just a small tub of ice cream and a packet of cones maybe) as you like.

Back tomorrow with a photo, Sally.

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