Thursday, 18 July 2013

Charity Shop finds

I thought I'd share my latest Charity Shop buy with you today:

A big bundle of really interesting scraps for £3. Most of these look like they've been hand dyed, there are a lot of lovely patterns and colour variations. I keep getting them all out and rearranging them, trying to decide what to do with them! Any thoughts?
And another buy that I can't quite decide how to use:

It's a little girl's top, it's just a bit too small for my girls but I loved the fabric and at 50p I couldn't resist buying it (I know, this is why my house is overflowing with fabric!). I'm tempted to use it for patchwork but I'm also tempted to chop off the top section, team it up with something else and turn it into a skirt. Which do you think?

I'll be back tomorrow with a photo for this week, Sally.

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