Monday, 2 September 2013


Venetia has decided that it's definitely time that I shared some of the pictures from her room on here - since I've now done pictures from my room and a bit of a tour of Theo's! She has a butterfly room, with far too many butterflies to photograph, it's amazing how often we see something pretty and butterfly related in our Charity Shop visits - mobiles, wind chimes, clip on butterflies, butterfly garlands. But as well as all these she has several home made butterfies in there.

In my very first blog post I showed you a picture of my very first quilt, a butterfly quilt for Venetia's bed:

And you might have noticed the butterfly picture up above the bed too. I made this around the same time from some of the same fabrics, it's just machine appliqued with a tight zigzag stitch. And it has 'flaps' at the top and bottom to slot driftwood through to help it hang.

I made a couple of other smaller pictures too, in a similar style:

And various cushions with some of my left over 'squares' of fabric:

This one is a cover for a flat piece of foam that sits on top of her dressing up chest under the window.

Her reading corner.

And here are another few butterflies that she loves:

I made the two lower butterflies - one from wire and buttons, and the other from stiffer wire and beads.

There are also lots of butterflies throughout the room that Venetia has made, some from 'kits' she often gets as birthday/Christmas presents, and some from scratch. Here are a few:

It's been a good theme to have in her room - lots and lots of scope for making things!

Back tomorrow, Sally.

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