Saturday, 14 September 2013

Chocolate pudding

I've just got another recipe for you today. Sam won't be impressed, he says if I choose to call my blog something silly like 'Wonky Patchwork' then I should stick to patchwork! But this recipe has come my way because of blogging. When I get views or comments from other blogs I always like to go and have a browse on the blogs, and I found this recipe for Chocolate Pudding on just such a browse. It's another recipe that's incredibly simple and therefore very child friendly. I like that kind of recipe! Maria really wasn't at all well yesterday and, after a trip to the Doctors, she had to take some 'yucky' medicine. By late, late afternoon she'd picked up enough to be up to some cooking with me and we made this pudding together to cheer her up after she'd had to swallow the yucky medicine. Which reminds me, she's got to have her first dose of the day in a minute - I must think of another distraction/reward for afterwards. But back to the chocolate pudding, here's a photo from the blog to tempt you...

As you can see the blog is in Portugeese, but, with the wonders of Google translate, still wonderfully accessible. I think my link, above, will take you straight to the English translation. It worked really well and was delicious with ice cream. I think next time we might try making it with milk in the sauce rather than water, I think the children might like it more that way, but it still disappeared pretty fast.

Off to attempt that dose of medicine now. Happy weekend to you all, back again Monday, Sally.

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